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Welcome to the Centre for Implantology and Oral Medicine

We congratulate you on taking the first step towards better oral health. Please utilise this website as a resource; it will help you better understand your course of treatment and answer any questions related to periodontal disease, dental implants and oral medicine.

We are conveniently located in the Killarney Mall Office Tower, situated just off the M1 freeway in Killarney, Johannesburg. The mall provides safe parking and easy access to the office tower. Our well-appointed rooms have been designed with you, the patient, in mind – sparing no effort in making your experience with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

About us

Periodontist Dr Muhammed Abram is a specialist in Periodontics, Implantology and Oral Medicine. Our practice specialises in treatment of gum diseases, cosmetic surgical procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile, and dental implant surgery that can replace single or multiple missing teeth. We also diagnose and treat oral pathology.

Dr Abram believes that your right to choose a dentist is an important freedom. We work closely with your dentist, but a referral by a dentist is not required to visit our office. We also welcome referrals from patients and friends of the practice.

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    Our Specialist Periodontal and Oral Medicine practice offers diagnosis and treatment for a broad spectrum of advanced periodontal, oral medicine and dental implant-related conditions. In addition, many of the procedures are carried out using conscious sedation thus ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients
    Our services cover a broad spectrum and include:



    Periodontal Therapy


    Dental Implants


    Periodontal Plastic Surgery


    Bone Grafting


    Oral Medicine


    • Carla, 2017
      Dr Abrams' practice is one of the nicest doctors practices I have ever been. The best thing being the attitude and friendliness of the doctor and all the other staff, it’s wonderful to feel welcome and cared for when you are about to go through a not-so-fun experience. The work he did was superb and I am overall very very happy with everything they have done. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a periodontist.
      Carla, 2017
    • Marty Legwaila (Swaziland)
      I had a car accident when I was young, still at Primary School. I lost all my front teeth. My parents later had dentures made for me. I have been having dentures for a greater part of my life. As I grew old I noticed that sometimes I'd be talking & they would become loose & some people would then realise that I had dentures which some called false teeth. I really didn't want people to know that I wore dentures. When I was in the US I went to enquire about implants after I had seen an advert on TV. I thought this would solve my problem. The cost was staggering & was in Dollars. I could not afford that kind of money. Coming back home a friend from Swaziland, like me, told me about Dr Abram. I made an appointment to see him. When I got there he had time for me, explaining every step that he was going to take so that I could end up with a good product, a product that I would be proud of. I made up my mind that I was going to proceed & have the implants. I went home & discussed in detail with my husband what I had learned from Dr Abram & we agreed that we would look into our finances & pay for the implants. Although my case was a bit complicated as the Doctor had to first extract some teeth, I did not go home with a gap. The Doctor had made some temporary implants which I had for a very short time. The second step was that of bone grafting as the there was some problem with the bone on the upper jaw. (This was in preparation for the permanent implants.) The Doctor had to operate in order to correct the problem. He told me that the procedure would take four hours & was going to be done in his place of work & not in operating room in a hospital. I sat on the dental chair for the procedure. I felt no pain & went home with no swollen face. I got home & ate my dinner & I was fine unlike when I had gone to have a tooth extracted at another dentist & had gone home feeling pain & unable to eat for days or even weeks after the extraction. I would advise whoever wants implants to go & see Dr Abram.
      Marty Legwaila (Swaziland)
    • Ms NTULI
      Thank you so much for the excellent service. The first time I came to your office I had most of my teeth missing including gum disease and I didn't have much confidence that I will find the doctor who would be able to sort out my dental problems, but that changed as soon as I consulted with you because you gave me sufficient information about the process and by the time I walked out the door I was confident enough that I came to the right place. From the beginning to the end you were on time for my appointments and you always addressed me with such a great respect. Thanks to the well trained staff who made my every appointment pleasant because of the manner they conducted themselves. Now I can smile in confidence because I have perfect teeth. Thank you,
      Ms NTULI
    • Treated By: MH
      full dental analysis I was very pleased with the diagnosis results and communication from Dr Abram and his staff.
      Treated By: MH
    • Nick Geldenhuys, Johannesburg
      Crown lengthening (top and bottom), soft tissue augmentation. When I first met Dr Abram a few months ago, all I knew was that I had problems with my teeth and gums and needed a fair amount of work done on it. From the get go, Dr Abram informed me of exactly what was wrong, how it can be corrected (in detail), what options I had available to me, what the cost of the procedures, healing time after the procedures and what I can expect to feel during and after the procedures. I have spent 6 hours in the chair with Dr Abram and can honestly say that I may have experienced minimal discomfort after the procedures and have experienced virtually no pain at all.
      Nick Geldenhuys, Johannesburg
    • Lisa, Johannesburg
      Dr Abram was a saving grace in my instance. I had a previous botched gum graft surgery with scarring when I went to Dr Abram. He knew exactly how to treat me and told me from the start that I required a two step gum graft procedure. Dr Abram performs this surgery under general anaesthetic. Dr Abram is kind, gentle & professional. I had very little swelling and pain. Dr Abram’s aftercare service is wonderful. I needed him & glad I found him. Even his staff is wonderful. Its a small office and professional. Kind staff. It's a warm inviting environment and decorated well :) I was referred by another periodontist but I did find this practice on Google first
      Lisa, Johannesburg

    Based on 99 reviews
    Khomotjo Malatji
    Obsessed 🤩 with my new smile. Dr Abram has been so professional throughout, taking me patiently through every step of the process. The teeth are so perfect, can’t even tell which is implant which is actual teeth. So happy !!!
    Alastair Ann Reid
    Very satisfied with the treatment i had from Dr M Abram and his team recently and had no pain what so ever after the removal of two teeth.
    Ferzana Perin
    Dr Abrahm is an Excellent periodontist. Very strategic, precise and well organised. I had to have a socket shield on my eye tooth, together with bone graphing as I had lost a lot bone around my root. This a very delicate procedure. Amazing accuracy from the start to finish. Everything was explained with lots of detail. He told me that I would have some pain, but absolutely none whatsoever. I would highly recommend Dr Abrahm. His staff were excellent and very kind , pleasing and helpful. Thank you for a service of excellence.
    Mandy Behr
    A very good experience all round! Efficient, well organised , good bed- side manner .. Dr Abram handled the pt in a caring and gentle manner while instilling trust in him.
    Isaac Mohase
    HOW I GOT MY SMILE AND CONFIDENCE BACK: I went to Dr Abram with rotten front teeth - couldn't smile without putting a hand in front of my mouth. Dr Abram was very professional, and explained in detail how the implant is going to work, including very welcome tips on how to clean my teeth. The procedure itself was not painful at all, and i knew exactly what he was doing in each of the three steps. Needless to say, I am now very happy with my implant, and Yes, I can smile with confidence withou being self-conscious all the time.
    Michelle Joseph
    Thank you to Dr Abram for your professional, helpful and kind way and for been able to diagnose our daughter Jemma.
    Anne French
    I had gum work done at the Centre because I had receding gums. Dr Abram is extremely professional, he talked me through the procedure so that I knew what to expect. The procedure was a success, and I am happy about the procedure and the follow-up treatment. I would certainly recommend Dr Abram. Anne French
    Ronnie Mugisha
    Dr Abraham is a patient doctor and thorough at what he does. He is also very knowledgeable about periodontal health maintenance. I also found him to be very organised and systematic during the process of treatment.
    julia makhubela
    Dr Abram is incredible! He explains things well which helps making informed decision. His calm demeanour helped me to stay calm. He helped me get my gum disease under control. I highly recommend him!
    Constance Adams
    A very professional practice, receptionist and assistant are so friendly, helpful and accommodating. Dr Abram explains everything and communicates well, is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He puts you at ease and does an amazing job!

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