I had a car accident

Good afternoon Dr. Abram
August 24, 2016
February 24, 2017

I had a car accident when I was young, still at Primary School. I lost all my front teeth. My parents later had dentures made for me. I have been having dentures for a greater part of my life. As I grew old I noticed that sometimes I’d be talking & they would become loose & some people would then realise that I had dentures which some called false teeth. I really didn’t want people to know that I wore dentures.
When I was in the US I went to enquire about implants after I had seen an advert on TV. I thought this would solve my problem. The cost was staggering & was in Dollars. I could not afford that kind of money.
Coming back home a friend from Swaziland, like me, told me about Dr Abram. I made an appointment to see him.
When I got there he had time for me, explaining every step that he was going to take so that I could end up with a good product, a product that I would be proud of. I made up my mind that I was going to proceed & have the implants.
I went home & discussed in detail with my husband what I had learned from Dr Abram & we agreed that we would look into our finances & pay for the implants.
Although my case was a bit complicated as the Doctor had to first extract some teeth, I did not go home with a gap. The Doctor had made some temporary implants which I had for a very short time.
The second step was that of bone grafting as the there was some problem with the bone on the upper jaw. (This was in preparation for the permanent implants.) The Doctor had to operate in order to correct the problem. He told me that the procedure would take four hours & was going to be done in his place of work & not in operating room in a hospital.
I sat on the dental chair for the procedure. I felt no pain & went home with no swollen face. I got home & ate my dinner & I was fine unlike when I had gone to have a tooth extracted at another dentist & had gone home feeling pain & unable to eat for days or even weeks after the extraction.
I would advise whoever wants implants to go & see Dr Abram.